Religious Studies

  • American Academy of Religion (AAR) The American Academy of Religion's mission is to promote ongoing reflection upon and understanding of religious traditions, issues, questions, and values. The association includes teachers and research scholars from colleges, universities, seminaries, and schools in North America and abroad. AAR is dedicated to furthering knowledge of religion and religious institutions in all their forms and manifestations. This is accomplished through Academy-wide and regional conferences and meetings, publications, programs, and membership services.
  • American Jewish Historical Society (AJHS) Founded in 1892, AJHS is the oldest national ethnic historical organization in the nation. AJHS is one of five partner organizations at The Center for Jewish History in Manhattan and has a branch at Hebrew College in Boston. The American Jewish Historical Society provides access to more than millions of documents and thousands of books, photographs, art, and artifacts that reflect the history of the Jewish presence in the United States from 1654 to the present.
  • American Studies Association (ASA) ASA promotes the development and dissemination of interdisciplinary research on U.S. culture and history in a global context. Its purpose is to support scholars and scholarship committed to original research, critical thinking, and public dialogue. Members include researchers, teachers, students, writers, curators, community organizers, and activists from around the world committed to the study and teaching of U.S. history and culture from multiple perspectives. The association is organized exclusively for educational and academic study purposes, including the promotion of meaningful dialogue about the United States across the globe by supporting scholars and scholarship committed to original research, innovative and effective teaching, critical thinking, and public discussion and debate.
  • Association for Canadian Jewish Studies/l'Association d'études juives canadiennes The Association for Canadian Jewish Studies/ l'Association d'études juives canadiennes was founded in 1976 as the Canadian Jewish Historical Society/Société d'histoire juive canadienne. The original aim of the society was to promote and disseminate historical research concerning the engagement of Jews to Canadian society. In 1996, the society changed its name and expanded it's research to include the Canadian Jewish experience through the disciplines of political science, sociology, economics, geography, demography, education, religion, linguistics, literature, architecture, performing and fine arts, among others. Members receive the Association’s Bulletin highlighting news and events pertaining to Canadian Jewish studies, a bound copy of the Canadian Jewish Studies journal, and attend the annual conference at a reduced rate.
  • Australian Association for the Study of Religion (AASR) The Australian Association for the Study of Religion (AASR) is a professional organisation whose mission is to foster the development of high quality scholarship about religion in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region. It is comprised of teachers, academics, students and others who come from diverse scholarly backgrounds and training, including Religious Studies, the Sociology of Religion, Political Science, History, Anthropology, and Theology.
  • Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion (CCSR) The Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion is a consortium of academic societies in the field of religious studies and theology, and supporting departments and faculties of religious studies and/or theology in Canadian universities. The Corporation was founded for the purpose of "publishing a journal and other materials to serve the needs of scholars working in both the French and English languages in Canada in all fields of the academic study of religion."
  • Canadian Society for the Study of Religion (CSSR) CSSR is a Canadian academic society oriented to the scholarly study of religion. It fosters an interdisciplinary environment and welcomes participation from scholars (professors and students alike) engaged in a many different academic approaches to the study of religion. Its aim is to encourage research in the development of the study of religion, with particular reference to Canada and to promote a critical examination of the goals, methods, and styles of teaching demanded by the discipline. In addition, the CSSR/SCÉR maintains close liaison with the Société québécoise pour l'étude de la religion and holds membership, as a Society, in the International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR).
  • Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) is a global higher education association of intentionally Christian colleges and universities. Founded in 1976, the Council strives to advance the cause of Christ-centered higher education through advocacy, professional development, and experiential education.
  • European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR) The objective of the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR) is to promote the academic study of religions through the international collaboration of scholars in Europe whose research has a bearing on the subject. This is achieved through conferences, symposia or colloquia; the encouragement of scholarly publications; the exchange of information through electronic or other means; and other activities.
  • International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR) The International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR) is a worldwide body of national and regional associations for the academic study of religion, and is a member of the Conseil International de la Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines/ The International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies (CIPSH) under the auspices of UNESCO. The IAHR seeks to promote the activities of all scholars and affiliates that contribute to the historical, social, and comparative study of religion. As such, the IAHR is the preeminent international forum for the critical, analytical and cross-cultural study of religion, past and present.
  • Middle East Studies Association (MESA) MESA, founded in 1966, is a private, non-profit learned society that brings together scholars, educators, and those interested in the study of the region from all over the world. MESA fosters the study of the Middle East, promotes high standards of scholarship and teaching, and encourages public understanding of the region and its peoples. To these ends, MESA sponsors an annual meeting and publishes Review of Middle East Studies, International Journal of Middle East Studies, and a biannual newsletter.
  • National Association of Professors of Hebrew (NAPH) NAPH is the professional organization of professors and instructors in colleges, universities and seminaries who specialize in Hebrew language and literature of the ancient, medieval and modern periods. The association's mission is to foster scholarship and academic teaching Hebrew language, literature and culture in institutions of higher learning.
  • North American Association for the Study of Religion (NAASR) The North American Association for the Study of Religion (NAASR) was initially formed in 1985 by E. Thomas Lawson, Luther H. Martin, and Donald Wiebe, to encourage the historical, comparative, structural, theoretical, and cognitive approaches to the study of religion among North American scholars; to represent North American scholars of religion at the international level; and to sustain communication between North American scholars and their international colleagues engaged in the study of religion.
  • Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) The Society of Biblical Literature is an international scholarly membership organization in the field of biblical studies. Founded in 1880, the Society consists of teachers, students, religious leaders and individuals from all walks of life who share a mutual interest in the critical investigation of the Bible. The Society’s mission to foster biblical scholarship is a simple, comprehensive statement that encompasses the Society’s aspirations. Its vision is to offer members opportunities for mutual support, intellectual growth, and professional development.
  • UK Association for Buddhist Studies (UKABS) UKABS aims to act as a focus for Buddhist Studies in the UK and is open to academics, post-graduates, and unaffiliated Buddhist scholars or interested Buddhist practitioners. The object of the Association shall be the academic study of Buddhism through the national and international collaboration of all scholars whose research has a bearing on the subject.

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