• American Academy of Arts and Sciences The Academy convenes leaders from the academic, business, and government sectors to respond to the challenges facing the nation and the world. Through studies, publications, and programs, the Academy provides authoritative and nonpartisan policy advice to decision-makers in government, academia, and the private sector.
  • American Alliance of Museums (AAM) AAMs’ mission is to champion museums and nurture excellence in partnership with our members and allies. The vision of AAM is to see a world informed and enriched by thriving museums.
  • American Architectural Foundation (AAF) AAF is dedicated to the vibrant social, economic, and environmental future of cities. The goal of AAF is to equip leaders with the knowledge, inspiration, and resources to lead communities to transformative change through design.
  • American Collegiate Retailing Association (ACRA) ACRA is a professional organization whose membership is composed of educators of four-year institutions that have retail programs or retail courses from these disciplines: business schools, liberal arts, economics, human ecology, textiles, design, and apparel. The purpose of ACRA is to foster quality retail education at four year college and graduate schools.
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA) AIA, founded in 1857, works to advance the nation’s quality of life and protect the public’s health, safety and welfare. The objectives of AIA are to organize and unite in fellowship the members of architectural profession of the U.S.A.; to promote the aesthetic, scientific and practical efficiency of the profession; and to advance the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training and practice.
  • American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) AIAS aims to promote excellence in architectural education, training, and practice; to foster an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines; to enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration; and to organize students and combine their efforts to advance the art and science of architecture. The mission of AIAS is to advance leadership, design, and service among architecture students.
  • American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) AIGA works to enhance the value and deepen the impact of design across all disciplines. AIGA advocates for a greater understanding of the value of design and designers in government, business, and media; enhances professional development through enriching learning opportunities at all levels; inspire designers and the public by sharing the most exciting design work and engaging in thoughtful, provocative discussion on pressing issues; defines global standards and ethical practices; and makes powerful tools and resources accessible to all.
  • American Photographic Artists (APA) APA is a national organization run by and for professional photographers. APA strives to improve the environment for photographic artists and lead to success in the industry. APA’s vision is to mentor the next generation of visual communicators and APA provides the tools that help members navigate the complex world of commercial photography and run a smarter, more creative and profitable business.
  • American Society for Aesthetics (ASA) ASA was founded in 1942 to promote study, research, discussion, and publication in aesthetics. ASA sponsors an annual conference and three divisional conferences, and publishes the Journal of Aesthestics and Art Criticism, the American Society for Aesthetics Graduate Ejournal, and the ASA Newsletter.
  • American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) The mission of ASMP is to create sustainable information, advocacy and communication systems designed to empower and educate still and motion photographers, and associate imaging professionals. The three purposes of ASMP are: 1) to protect and promote the interest of professional still and motion photographers; 2) to maintain and promote high professional standards and ethics; and 3) to cultivate friendship and mutual understanding among professional still and motion photographers.
  • American Watercolor Society (AWS) AWS is a nonprofit membership organization that began in 1866 to promote the art of watercolor painting in America. Each year AWS holds a juried exhibition of watercolors from artists throughout the world.
  • Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) ARCC is an international association of architectural research centers committed to the expansion of the research culture and a supporting infrastructure in architecture and related design disciplines.
  • Association for Environmentally Conscious Building (AECB) AECB is a network of individuals, students, educational establishments and companies with a common aim of promoting sustainable building. AECB increases awareness within the construction industry of the need to respect the environment.
  • Association of Historians of American Art (AHAA) Founded in 1979, AHAA fulfills its mission of promoting scholarship on art of the United States from the European encounter with Native peoples to contemporary practice through several means. The organization provides a forum for presenting and advancing new approaches to the subject; for examining problems that confront the field; and for identifying scholarly needs and opportunities to its members.
  • Boston Society of Architects (BSA) BSA is committed to professional development for members, advocacy on behalf of great design, and sharing an appreciation for the built environment with the public at large. BSA is a leader in educating designers, contractors, owners and the public about environmentally responsible design, construction, operation and renovation of the built environment.
  • California Art Education Association (CAEA) CAEA, formed in 1965, is the professional educational organization for pre-K through university educators working in all areas of the visual arts. The mission of CAEA is to provide a collaborative network to strengthen visual arts education in all educational levels through advocacy, leadership, professional development, and professional recognition.
  • Center for Understanding the Built Environment (Cube) Cube brings together educators with community partners to effect change that will lead to a quality built and natural environment, one and interdependent. Cube teaches school teachers, who help students appreciate good design, preservation and planning with a comprehensive program of courses, workshops, newsletters and teaching guides which serve both a local and national audience.
  • College Art Association (CAA) CAA, an international leadership organization in the visual arts, promotes these arts and their understanding through advocacy, intellectual engagement, and a commitment to the diversity of practices and practitioners. CAA advances the highest standards of instruction, knowledge and practice in the visual arts to stimulate intellectual curiosity and advance skills that enrich the individual and society.
  • Costume Society of America (CSA) CSA advances the global understanding of all aspects of dress and appearance. CSA values five major purposes: 1) to stimulate scholarship and encourage study; 2) to disseminate information on dress and appearance; 3) to raise the profile and credibility of the field of costume; 4) to network among members and other people and organizations having costume interests; and 5) to manage and govern the organization.
  • Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc. (CFDA) The mission of CFDA is to strengthen the impact of American fashion in the global economy. CFDA is a not-for-profit trade association, founded in 1962, whose membership consists of America’s foremost womenswear, menswear, jewelry and accessory designers. CFDA is devoted to supporting and nurturing new and emerging design talent.
  • Graphic Artists Guild The Graphic Artists Guild primary goal is to help members build successful careers by equipping them with the skill and support needed to compete more effectively in an ever-changing field. The purpose of the Guild is to promote and protect the social, economic, and interests of its members. The Guild is committed to improving conditions for all graphic artists and raising standards for the entire industry.
  • Indian Arts & Crafts Association (IACA) The mission of IACA is to promote, preserve and protect authentic American Indian arts and crafts. IACA is a highly respected international trade association that hosts the largest trade show of authentic handmade art made by American Indian artists from the United States and Canada.
  • Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) The core purpose of IDSA is to advance the profession of industrial design through education, information, community and advocacy. IDSA sponsors the annual International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), the world’s most prestigious and rigorous design competition.
  • Initiative for Architectural Research (IAR) IAR is a collaborative intellectual forum created to foster the pursuit of architectural fundamentals. IAR achieves its purpose through design workshops; theoretical research publications; public art and architecture installations; history/theory lectures; seminars; educational films; Intern Development Program (IDP); and mentoring students.
  • Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) The mission of IDEC is the advancement of interior design education, scholarship, and service. IDEC will be recognized as the leading association and authority on interior design education by advancing responsible design thinking through education, scholarship, and service. IDEC will prepare members for leadership roles in academic institutions, communities, and the interior design profession at large.
  • International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives (IACDE) IACDE is the professional platform for pattern designers, technical designers, technical engineers / product developers, executives and suppliers of the clothing industry and are committed to excellence. The four core goals of IACDE are 1) share knowledge through meetings and events; 2) bring together a curated community of leaders from design, pattern engineers, manufacturing and technology; 3) passionately interact with universities, professional schools and junior staff; and 4) commitment to shaping the past and the future of fashion.
  • International Association of Research Institutes in the History of Art (RIHA) The purpose of RIHA, founded 1998, is to promote education and research in art history and related disciplines, to intensify cooperation between the institutes by facilitating the flow of information on scientific and administrative activities as well as the exchange of research findings, and to encourage the institutes to undertake joint projects. The purposes of RIHA are to advance education and scholarly research to foster international communication and cooperation; to provide general and continuing information about scholarly activities; and to exchange operational and administrative information.
  • International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA) The mission of ICMA is to promote and support the study, understanding, and preservation of the visual and material culture of the Middle Ages produced in Europe, the Mediterranean region, and the Slavic world, during the period between ca. 300 and ca. 1500 C.E. To this end the ICMA facilitates scholarship and education and sponsors public lectures, conferences, publications, and exhibitions devoted to medieval art and culture.
  • International Digital Media and Arts Association (iDMAa) International Digital Media and Arts Association (iDMAa) was founded in early 2004 by a group of 15 universities. iDMAa is dedicated to serving educators, practitioners, scholars, and organizations with interests in digital media.
  • International Interior Design Association (IIDA) IIDA strives to create a strong niche for the most talented and visionary Interior Design professionals, to elevate the profession to the level it warrants, and to lead the way for the next generation of Interior Design innovators. IIDA provides a forum to demonstrate design professionals’ impact on the health, safety, well being and virtual soul for the public, balancing passion for good design and strategy for best business practices.
  • International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) ITAA advances excellence in education, scholarship and innovation, and global applications. ITAA promotes the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge and is a primary resource for its members in strengthening leadership and service to society.
  • Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) RIBA is a global professional membership body driving excellence in architecture. RIBA serves members and society in order to deliver better buildings and places, stronger communities and a sustainable environment.
  • Royal Photographic Society (RPS) RPS exists to promote photography and image-making and to support photographers in realising their potential, irrespective of their level of knowledge, equipment or skills. The mission is to educate members of the public by increasing their knowledge and understanding of photography and to promote the highest standards of achievement in photography in order to encourage public appreciation of photography.
  • Society for Photographic Education (SPE) SPE is an organization that provides and fosters an understanding of photography as a means of diverse creative expression, cultural insight, and experimental practice. SPE seeks to promote a broader understanding of the medium in all its forms through teaching and learning, scholarship, and criticism. SPE aims to engage in a continuing reappraisal of the nature and meaning of imagemaking and the teaching of lens-based media.
  • Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) SAH promotes the study, interpretation, and conservation of architecture, design, landscapes, and urbanism worldwide. SAH promotes meaningful public engagement with the history of the built environment through advocacy efforts, print and online publications, and local, national, and international programs.
  • Society of Illustrators The Society of Illustrators’ mission is to promote the art of illustration, to appreciate its history and evolving nature through exhibitions, lectures and education, and to contribute the service of its members to the welfare of the community at large. The Society of Illustrators is an international organization, with artists and members from continents across the earth.
  • Society of Scribes Founded in 1974, the Society is a non-profit educational organization which promotes the study, teaching and practice of calligraphy and related disciplines. The Society fosters the appreciation, understanding and acceptance of calligraphy as a fine art and encourages fellowship and the exchange of ideas through its speakers, programs, workshops, exhibits and publications.
  • The Association for Art History Since 1974 the Association for Art History has championed art history, visual culture and supported those engaged with it. The Association champions a diverse art history through events, publications, resources, grants, advocacy and membership.
  • Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA) The purposes of TWSA are to advance the stature of transparent watercolor as a major painting medium and to foster the appreciation and interest of both the artist and the viewing public in the medium. To accomplish this, the activities of TWSA will include, but not be limited to: 1) publishing a newsletter; 2) sponsoring an annual juried exhibition; and 3) sponsoring an annual workshop conducted by a nationally recognized artist in the field of watercolor.
  • Visual Resources Association (VRA) VRA is a multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to furthering research and education in the field of image and media management within the educational, cultural heritage, and commercial environments. VRA offers a forum for issues of vital concern to the field.
  • Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA) The mission of WCA is to create community through art, education, and social activism. We are committed to: recognizing the contributions of women in the arts; providing women with leadership opportunities and professional development; expanding networking and exhibition opportunities for women; supporting local, national, and global art activism; and advocating for equity in the arts for all.
  • World Design Organization (WDO) WDO promotes the profession of industrial design and its ability to generate better products, systems, services, and experiences; better business and industry; and ultimately a better environment and society. WDO strives to create a world where design enhances our economic, social, cultural, and environmental quality of life.

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