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Promote your college or university as an employer of choice to higher education job seekers! With a Premium Listing, your institution's web site will be highlighted at the top of the list on Academic360, before other schools.

In addition to the high-profile listing, you also get a 100-word description which you can use to highlight the most attractive qualities of your institution. This description will appear directly below the school name and link and gives job seekers an extra incentive to visit your website.

$199 for six months or $299 for one year. For more information or to purchase an Premium Listing, contact us by email, or call 814-861-3080.

Extended Listings

Extended Listing Example

Make your site stand out from the crowd with our Extended Listing designation. When job seekers see your school listed on Academic360, they will see a highlighted text ad (up to 100 words) next to it, attracting candidates to your school web site.

Use this descriptive text to highlight your best programs, distinguished faculty, or recent achievements as just a few examples. The paragraph will be instantly noticed and give job seekers the information about your institution that you wish to promote.

$59 for six months or $99 for one year. For more information or to purchase an Extended Listing, contact us by email, or call 814-861-3080.

Banner Advertisement

Use banner advertisement to promote your university, college, or company. With an ad on our site, you can:

  • Increase visibility for your institution with job seekers
  • Promote upcoming job fairs or special events
  • Promote your products and/or services to college faculty and administrators
Prices are based on the number of impressions bought. For more information, contact us by email, or call 814-861-3080.

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You can post a position for up to 60 days with unlimited text for $295 on®.